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What is OCR?

OCR functionality can be an integral part of the workflow software, such as our proprietary solution called the V-Desk system. It allows to automatically fill in the index values extracted from the document image.

OCR speeds up the process of data entering by analysis of the scanned document image. It enters TIN, bank account number, date of issue, etc within empty fields, additionally reading data and entering them into the system checking their accuracy first.

OCR is a great solution for accountants, clerks, archivists and notaries.

How it works?

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Automation of the document registration process

OCR is a solution which automates the process of document registration. It is low cost, demands minimum effort and eliminates tedious document copying. With OCR you will never enter incorrect or wrong data to your documents.

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For invoices, contracts or orders

OCR is a powerful tool for introducing paper documents or registering them form mail box into the system. This tool is primarily used for invoices however other types of documents like agreements and purchase orders may undergo the process of ocr.

Recognition of the content of the document
Wyszukiwanie peĊ‚notekstowe

Full text search

The algorithms allow a quick access to necessary information as well as searching for documents. The words in the text may have different grammatical forms like cases, tenses or gender.

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An increase of efficiency and productivity at work

This is the end of manual copying of the documents in your company. Try OCR reader and forget about tedious entering of data.
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